Mission Info
Starting Year
604 CE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 30000 Strings of Cash
Easy: 20000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 20000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 20000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 16000 Strings of Cash
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Yangzhou is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

The mountains and valleys mourn the death of Wendi, founder of the great Sui Empire. His second son, Yangdi, has inherited the throne, and his father's grand vision. Work on the still unfinished Grand Canal system must be carried through to completion. Like a vibrant artery connecting head and heart, once completed the Grand Canal will link the southern rice basket with the populous north.

The southern terminus of the Grand Canal will be at Yangzhou, near the mouth of the great Yangzi River. It is there where you have been sent, to oversee construction of this leg of the project and to guide development of the city. While commoners toil on the project, however, the elite of Yangzhou can now enjoy the fabulous new art of drama, especially when performed at a theatre pavilion accompanied by talented musicians and nimble acrobats.

Meanwhile, our new Emperor keeps a watchful eye on the ignoble kingdom of Koguryo. Do not be surprised if troops are needed to campaign there.

Goals Edit

  • Grand Canal Section must be built
  • 100 people in Heavenly Compound or better

Summary Edit

In this mission, you have been tasked with completing another section of the Grand Canal at its terminus point.

Although you have a lot of starting funds, exports are extremely thin on the ground. You can't grow Silk or Lacquerware so making money is difficult: large quantities of Tea and Paper should be produced, as these are your only exports to the empire. Later, taxation will produce the bulk of your income. Though Lacquer can be imported, the associated building is not available.

You should begin developing a military somewhat early, but you must import the Weapons directly from the capital of Chang-an, as no other city will sell you weapons or even Steel. Yen will become an ally and then start demanding you to send troops to attack Sabi, as well as to defend them. Even if your troops fail to attack Sabi, your favour with Yen will increase exponentially, so it is beneficial to send at least one fort of troops. You will need at least two forts before sending troops, as if you send all your troops away, a rival will attack you, but the attack is small and your troops should return before the invasions does much damage.

Building the Canal Section is fairly easy. It's just like how it was built in Huanxian: labourers dig out the dirt, then Stone is laid by the Masons, which completes the monument. This can be started at any time you wish, as you will need a lot of stone to complete it and there isn't much stone available in this map.

Reaching the Elite Housing goal is not too difficult, but you will need to import the Silk and Lacquerware you need. Chang-an is the only city to sell Silk and Changzhou is the only city that sells Lacquerware. Since you don't need much Lacquerware or Silk in the city, import only small amounts to prevent debt. Providing access to a Drama School is fairly simple and requires the Theatre Pavilion to be constructed. The Theatre Pavilion acts as a central entertainment area, so there is no reason for your Market Square to accept entertainment, as the pavilion works similarly.

Be aware that you will have to import the fourth food type: trading quotas for food are very low, so you should try to import at least two additional food types. By doing so, you will ensure that there is always four types of food present within the Mill.

Once your housing have evolved appropriately, it's just a matter of waiting for the canal to complete!