The Xia Dynasty is the first historical campaign of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Begin your journey into ancient China here, with these simple tutorial missions. It is here, in the time of the prehistoric Xia Dynasty, that our people first learned to work the land for sustenance and shelter. To prevent stumbles later, travel now down the path of the Xia. Listen closely, and learn all that our venerated ancestors have to teach us ...

Background Edit

The game introduces the concepts of building a city in a gradual scale. During the first four missions, the player is slowly building the town of Banpo, creating the initial town and growing it into a basic commercial hub. During Erlitou, the player learns the basics of starting a city from scratch and building Elite Housing to support a military force, as well as growing Silk from the Mulberry Tree.

The last mission introduces the art of war and a small invasion. It also introduces the basics of taxation and administrative buildings, such as building the Administrative City to commandeer a military.

All players are recommended to play this dynasty, especially if they are new to the game. While it is not compulsory to do so, players learn many basic concepts by doing so.

Missions Edit

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