Wood Cutter
Building Information
Collects wood
Placement Cost
10 40 50 60 75
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

Wood Cutter is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Wood Cutters send lumberjacks to retrieve lumber from forests. Trees are a rare sight in the mostly desert land of Egypt, and most cities cannot build wood cutters. Those that can have access to a rare and lucrative commodity to export: wood sells for 170 debens per 100 units, making it the second most highly priced raw material behind copper. Wood can be gathered much more quickly than copper, which in any case is only slightly more profitable per unit. On the other hand, wood is very expensive to import: this is an unfortunate fact as it is required for many missions where wood is unavailable for local harvesting.

Wood cutters can send out up to three men at a time to collect wood. Each of these men collects 25 wood from one tile of trees before returning. The building itself sends a cart-pusher to deposit the wood at an accepting storage yard once it has accumulated 100 units of wood or more. Woodcutters are best placed near trees and storage yards accepting wood, to cut down on travel time.

In addition to being an excellent export option, wood is used by Carpenter's Guilds to make scaffolding for monuments, Chariot Makers to make chariots, as well as Shipwrights to build and repair warships and transport ships.

Productivity Edit

Wood cutters operate most efficiently when placed very close to trees, although wood cutter walkers can travel a significant distance in search of wood. As forests are inevitably denuded with the construction of wood cutters, production generally slows over time (unless there are very large forests and/or very few woodcutters). Trees regenerate eventually.

Building an oracle to Min at Osiris' Temple Complex speeds the regrowth of forests, which in turn increases the productivity of wood cutters. Without the altar, trees produce about 18.5 units of wood per year on average (between 13.5 a year to 21.5 a year); that is, if all trees on a map are cut down, about 75% of them grow back per year (which patches grow back are random, some grow back multiple times in one year and some not at all). With the oracle, regeneration is sped to 21 units of wood per tile per year, with variations between 16.5 and 23. The oracle increases total output (assuming sufficient wood cutters) by about 14%. 

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