This is the article on the Pharaoh weaponsmith. If you are looking for the article on the similar building in Emperor, see Weaponsmith.
Building Information
Produces weapons
Raw Material(s) Used
Placement Cost
24 100 120 145 180
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Weaponsmith is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Weaponsmiths use copper to make weapons. Although copper is an expensive commodity, the infantry weaponsmiths equip can prove invaluable in defending the city.

Weaponsmiths operate best when placed close to a Recruiter, to cut down on travel time for the cartsmen. Having nearby copper mines or a storage yard stocked with copper also helps. A weaponsmith produces around 5.65 weapons per year on average, or 47% of a weapon each month. As recruiters use 16 weapons per nine months when fully staffed, three (or more, depending on the distance) weaponsmiths are required to allow a recruiter relying exclusively on locally made weapons to constantly train infantry.

While they are expensive to make, requiring shipments of precious copper, the price of buying imported weapons is much higher still. Weapons are some of the worst goods to buy directly from other cities, although the option is there on some missions should the city be in dire straits militarily and does not have the time or copper to make weapons itself.

Although very few missions grant the opportunity to sell them, weapons can be extremely profitable to export. At 275 debens per weapon produced, they fetch the second-highest price out of any commodity. However, this is heavily offset by the fact that the copper required to produce them are imported at 240 deben per 100 units (100 units of copper are required to produce one weapon). As such, weapons are really only a commercially superior choice if copper is produced locally and either cannot be sold (a rare occurrence on maps that can produce them) or are exportable but are also heavily overproduced. In such exceedingly rare cases (such as at Timna), weapons are some of the most profitable export options. This is particularly so as they have no place as a commodity for upgrading housing: once all infantry forts are filled, the city ceases consuming weapons, so they then purely exist for export.

Weaponsmiths are prone to fire. Like other military buildings, they are extremely undesirable to live close to.

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