Water Lift
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Building Information
Provides water to farms, improving their fertility
Placement Cost
6 24 30 36 45
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

Water Lift is a building found in Pharaoh.

Background Edit

Water Lifts fill Irrigation Ditches with water, allowing them to increase the fertility of nearby farms. Water lifts thus need to be connected to irrigation ditches in order to properly benefit the city, and need to be placed on a sufficiently long (at least two consecutive sapces), flat coastline. Water lifts are some of the only buildings that may be constructed on floodplains, so long as the floodplain is connected to a smooth coast of two or more tiles.

Water lifts are not required for floodplain irrigation ditches, which are level with the Nile itself and does not need manual help to retrieve water. Water lifts are somewhat undesirable to live close to.

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