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Waset is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the first peaceful mission of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

The old way of life is gone, and most fear that Egypt will never return to its past glory. Osiris has turned his back on the people, and a series of low Inundations has caused widespread famine. The power of the pharaohs, once unquestionable, has evaporated, replaced by bickering provincial leaders.

Out of this chaos, two noble families have arisen and are attempting to seize control of the country. The rulers of Henen-nesw have laid claim to the throne as the rightful heirs. They are particularly cruel and are doing little to assuage the people's hunger. To the south, a new family, the Inyotef house, has risen to power in Waset. The family has done much to reunite the south, and now the rulers of Henen-nesw have engaged the rulers of Waset in a deadly civil war for control of all of Egypt.

The Inyotefs, busy fighting the Henen-nesw rulers, have entrusted you with building up their home city of Waset. If the Inyotefs are to succeed in their fight against the Henen-nesw rulers and solidify their reputation in Egypt, Waset must be a touchstone on which other cities rely, providing succor or soldiers to those that request aid. Waset, which could be the capital should the Inyotefs reign victorious, must be a great city. Using the scarce resources available to you, build a Sun Temple and pyramid to show Egyptians the glory of the Inyotefs.

Waset itself is not immune to attack. The Henen-nesw rulers, and those loyal to them, may threaten your city from time to time, and Henen-nesw may try to extort debens from your city's treasury. To defend against these considerable risks, build a strong army and navy to defend your city and to come to the defense of other threatened cities.

Goals Edit

  • 6,000 Population
  • 55 Culture Rating
  • 45 Prosperity Rating
  • 20 Monument Rating (1 Sun Temple, 1 Small True Pyramid)
  • 70 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

Waset is home to large, fertile meadows, as well as plentiful--though spread out--floodplains. It needs this to feed the relatively high population required for this mission. Fish may also be caught to supplement the people's diets. Waset also has large deposits of rock and metallic ore, where it can mine gold, copper, and a variety of stone.

Economically, selling copper and mining gold should be adequate for keeping the city out of debt. Flax, barley, and reeds cannot be purchased here; therefore, linen, beer, and papyrus must be imported for better housing. Gemstones may be purchased to make luxury goods, but their high price means that luxury goods in turn are not very profitable to sell.

Thinis asks for grain, figs, fish, and (eventually) granite. It also asks for troops. If the armies sent are victorious, Thinis only requests troops a couple of times. If they fail, it's likely that they will ask more frequently.

Militarily, the city is invaded by a few small fleets of rival Egyptians should their extortions for money not be met (if the money demands are met, they do not invade but Kingdom Rating plummets). They are easily defeated by a small fleet of warships.

A small pyramid and a Sun Temple need to be built for this mission. After the massive projects from previous missions, the small pyramid can be constructed relatively easily--especially as both plain stone and limestone may be mined here (plain stone may also be imported). Sandstone, however, cannot be mined and must be imported. Starting this sooner rather than later (the Sun Temple requires 380 blocks in total) is crucial for speedy completion of the level.

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