Transport Wharf
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Building Information
Berthing port for Transports
Placement Cost
40 160 200 240 300
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Transport Wharf is a water-based building found in Pharaoh.

Background Edit

The Transport Wharf, as its name suggests, is used for transporting military personnel across the Nile, which allows for troops on opposite banks to fight invaders who might appear on a different side of the Nile to where the city has been built.

Unlike the Warship Wharf, a transport ship has no defensive capabilities and enemy warships will target any transports and sink them quickly. If there are troops on board when this happens, all troops will be killed, which will probably empty an entire fort of troops, necessitating that they be replaced. For this reason, players should always attempt to defend both sides of the Nile so that the use of a transport ship is minimised.

Transports cannot be used to transport troops who are navigating from the Recruiter to their Fort, neither can they be used to transport sentries to the city Towers. Instead, such troops will use ferries and bridges to reach their location.

Like most military buildings, they are prone to catching fire or collapsing and they are very undesirable to live near.

Trivia Edit

  • If a Transport Wharf is destroyed, then the ship for that wharf will be lost, along with any troops on board.

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