Mission Info
Starting Year
2850 BC
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 12000 Db
Easy: 6000 Db
Normal: 6000 Db
Hard: 6000 Db
Very Hard: 4500 Db
Mission Navigation

Timna is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

A new Pharaoh, Den, has taken the throne of Egypt. Pharaoh is deeply concerned, as enemies have begun to threaten our borders, and our nation lacks adequate supplies of valuable copper needed to create weapons with which to equip our troops. Pharaoh Den has ordered a mining expedition into the unforgiving land of Sinai, beyond our borders and deep within Bedouin territory. The area known as Timna is rich in gold and copper ore, as well as precious turquoise gemstones, but it is otherwise barren. Conditions there will be harsh, and you'll need to import many amenities, perhaps even additional food and fine linen, from Egypt. Pharaoh will demand frequent shipments from Sinai and will ask you for money, copper, gemstones and weapons. You can use any surplus of these items to help support the expedition. Be always on your guard, for the Bedouin of the Sinai desert are formidable adversaries, and they will not willingly allow foreigners to occupy their land, let alone plunder their mineral wealth.

To lighten the burden that such living conditions impose on your city's people, build a Pavilion at some busy intersection. Citizens can relax at the Pavilion's juggling and music stages, and, if you also build a Dance School, this new type of performance will provide great entertainment.

Goals Edit

  • 2,000 Population
  • 15 Prosperity Rating
  • 70 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

In this mission, you are leaving the borders of Egypt and founding an outpost settlement to mine Copper and Gems for the country. An important note of this mission is that there are no "immediate goals" that need to be fulfilled to continue the mission: therefore, it is important to know how to build cities and make money, as the game will no longer "hand hold" you through missions. If you are struggling to build cities, consider replaying the previous missions to improve your knowledge.

There are many requests from the Pharaoh for goods that your city can produce. Fulfilling these requests will improve your Kingdom Rating and open trade with the capital city of Men-Nefer. With the limited starting funds, making money early on is important, which can be done through a range of methods, such as mining gold and copper, the latter of which can be used to produce Weapons, a very lucrative export option for the city. Picking the right section of rock to exploit for these items is key to producing the maximum amount of money possible.

However, your time in Timna is not going to be peaceful. The local Bedouins are not happy that Egyptians are mining their copper and will invade after several years. Make sure to build some forts to deal with the invasions, which are fairly small. Honouring Seth, the only god of the mission, can improve the battle by killing some of the invaders. If playing on higher difficulties, consider making use of Police Stations to fight invaders: although not very strong, constables can easily turn the tide of battle if used in large numbers.

To evolve your housing to reach the various goals will require importing key goods, such as Beer and Papyrus from other cities. These are expensive to import and their cost can be offset by exporting local goods and materials. There is no need to import Flax to produce Linen: housing is limited due to the lack of Dentists and nobody purchases the commodity, so avoid wasting time and money on a linen industry. You may need to import additional food from other cities to supplement the limited Game Meat supplies of the region.

This mission is essentially to introduce the military arm of the game. Grow the city and build a small military to deal with any invasions, while making as much money as possible. The Kingdom Rating and Population targets should be easy enough to reach, but you might struggle to reach the small Prosperity rating early on. Eventually, as your exports balance the imports, you will reach the target and complete the mission!

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