This is the article on the early tutorial mission. If you are looking for the article on the harder Middle Kingdom mission, see Thinis.

Thinis PDP
Mission Info
Starting Year
3100 BC
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 6000 Db
Easy: 3000 Db
Normal: 3000 Db
Hard: 3000 Db
Very Hard: ? Db
Mission Navigation

Thinis is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

After many years, and the passing of a generation, your family has resettled in the area of Thinis, in Upper Egypt. Here, a small band of local rulers is attempting to extend its influence over Lower Egypt, and all lands along the river Nile, and to unite this realm under its own house, with one supreme leader.

Establishing Thinis as a thriving city, like nothing ever seen before, will prove the worthiness of the Thinite confederacy, and help them gain supremacy over Lower Egypt and the other factions vying for power. In time, this will mean providing the population with entertainment, and building wonderful temples to worship the region's patron deity.

To build a city this grand will require a substantial supply of cash. You'll find rich deposits of gold ore in Thinis, and harvesting them should be your first priority.

Goals Edit

  • 10 Ordinary Cottages

General Information Edit

This mission introduces mining gold from a Gold Mine to make money.

Making money is important for this mission, as the starting funds are significantly lower and the important buildings of this mission are fairly expensive to place. The best place to construct the settlement is around the small oasis of water which is close to the ore bearing rock needed to place Gold Mines. Placing a Palace near this area and ensuring it's staffed and provided with the appropriate protection of a Firehouse and an Architect's Post helps to make the mines efficient. Placing a Police Station near housing and near the Palace prevents criminals robbing it of cash.

While you work on mining gold, build the basic food system by placing Hunting Lodges and a Granary to accept the food, as well as a Bazaar in your main housing block to purchase the food and distribute it.

Once you've mined some gold, you'll be able to place religious Temples and Shrines to the patron god of this region: Bast. In these early missions, you'll usually only have a single god, but many missions will include multiple gods: always ensure that the patron god is pampered with at least an extra Temple and 3-4 more shrines than the local gods, as patrons get upset far quicker than local gods.

After providing access to religion in the housing, you can build basic entertainment facilities: provide access to a Booth and place a Juggler's School to provide this. To raise the cities culture rating, you'll need to ensure that enough access to religion and entertainment exists throughout the city. If you can't get the entertainment rating up, place additional Booth's.

The main goal is to have ten houses reach Ordinary Cottage. You'll have to ensure that access to enough food, religion, a source of clean water from a Water Supply and entertainment are provided in sufficient quantity to reach this goal.

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