This is the article on the Thinis of the Middle Kingdom. If you are looking for the article on the tutorial mission of the same name, see Thinis.

Thinis MK
Mission Info
Starting Year
2015 BC
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 16052 Db
Easy: 8026 Db
Normal: 8026 Db
Hard: 8026 Db
Very Hard: 6019 Db
Mission Navigation

Thinis is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the military first mission of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

The old way of life is gone, and most fear that Egypt will never return to its past glory. Osiris has turned his back on his people, and a series of low Inundations has caused widespread famine. The power of the pharaohs, once unquestionable, has evaporated, replaced by bickering provincial leaders.

Out of this chaos, two noble families have arisen and are attempting to seize control of the country. The rulers of Henen-nesw have laid claim to the throne as the rightful heirs. They are particularly cruel and are doing little to assuage the people's hunger. To the south, a new family, the Inyotef house, has risen to power in Waset. This family has done much to reunite the south, and now Henen-nesw has engaged Waset in a deadly civil war for control of all of Egypt.

To show their benevolence to the people of Egypt, the Inyotefs have entrusted you with rebuilding the newly conquered city of Thinis, one of the oldest cities in Egypt. Two of Thinis' finest and most ancient buildings have survived the turmoil of its conquest: the Temple Complex of Osiris and the mansion. The Inyotefs have decreed that should either of these buildings be destroyed, no funds will be squandered on their restoration. The Waset rulers consider the restoration of Thinis a top priority and have gathered up considerable funds - even in this time of strife - for this purpose. Return Thinis to its former splendor, and commission a navy and raise a strong army to defend it from the frequent attacks of those loyal to Henen-nesw, including the cities of Sauty, Nekhen and Khmun. Be careful of the Henen-nesw rulers: they may demand tribute to see if your loyalty - and your debens - can be extorted. Also watch out for the opportunistic Nubians who seek to take advantage of Egypt's internal struggles.

Goals Edit

  • Population of 4500
  • Culture Rating of 25
  • Kingdom Rating of 90
  • 10 Common Residences
  • Prosperity Rating of 35

Summary Edit

There are only a few gold seams and they are difficult to reach from the starting location near the Kingdom Road, but if they are started early with a nearby Palace they can help with the treasury tremendously in the long run.

The mission sees extortion and bribery attempts from the rival dynasty. If either types are accepted, Kingdom Rating falls as a result. Nubians, as well as rival Egyptians, attack the city by both land and sea.

Trivia Edit

  • Despite the mission briefing implying that Osiris is no longer interested in Egypt, there is a Temple Complex in this city and he can be worshipped normally. This may be a mistake by the game developers or a game engine limitation.

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