The Mongol Empire is an enemy faction that appears during Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

The Mongols are the last enemy in the game. True to this, they are the strongest enemy in the entire game and use very large forces in the hope that they can defeat the player.

Their first appearance is in Juyongguan, where the player is trying to complete the Stone Great Wall before the Mongols reach the Jin's capital city.

In the last mission, Zhongdu, Genghis Khan — the historical leader of the Mongols — manages to break through Juyongguan and attacks Zhongdu with a very large army. The player is therefore tasked in defending the capital from the massive invasion sent by the Mongol leader.

After the large invasion, the player can choose to send Silk to the Mongols and trade with little consequence.

Trivia Edit

  • Due to game engine reasons, the last mission deviates from true historical accuracy. The records show that Genghis Khan did break through the defences of Juyongguan and destroyed Zhongdu, thereby conquering China and allowing his Mongol hordes to sweep across much of Asia. However, despite conquering China, he did not convert the country to his own culture: he adapted the Mongol's culture to China's. Genghis conquering China resulted in the formation of the Yuan Dynasty.

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