The Kingdom of Nanyue is an enemy foreign power that appears in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. Unlike the Nomad Camps, Nanyue is not in de facto war for most of the campaign and only plays a military role when China extends its influence into the land of Annam, the land that would become the present-day Vietnam.

Background Edit

Nanyue makes its first appearance during Xiangjun of the Qin Dynasty. While they are not hostile to the player straight away, they can become hostile and invade if their demand for Silk is ignored, though this invasion can be diverted by gifting Ceramics to improve their favour or by giving into the demand. The latter requires that Silk be imported from a trade partner. In the remaining missions of the Qin Dynasty, the player can trade with Nanyue like any other city.

Nanyue will not make a further appearance until Jiaozhou of the Han Dynasty. This time, they are "Displeased" and are scripted to become Hostile and invade. However, their invasions are small and easy to deal with, although they will send a Spy to the city that can be hard to find.

After Jiaozhou, they will become a marker on the map for the remainder of the dynasty and will disappear indefinitely at the completion of the dynasty.

Trivia Edit

  • It is not possible to trade with Nanyue after Jiaozhou as they are muted for the remainder of the campaign.

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