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Building Information
Appeases gods, spawns priests/priestesses
Placement Cost
30 120 150 180 225
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Temple is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Temples are built to appease the gods. Each god has his or her own set of temples. The amount of temples required to appease the gods are dependent on the total number of people in the city, as well as whether the god is a local deity or a patron god. Building one temple per 750 people for a local deity, or 375 for a patron god, is enough to keep the god the temples are dedicated to without ever having to hold festivals for them. Shrines may also be built to appease gods to a lesser extent; the effect of shrines, temples and Temple Complexes are cumulative. As cultural buildings, a sufficient number of temples must be erected to have high cultural ratings.

In addition to appeasing gods, temples send priests and priestesses to patrol the streets, spreading religion to nearby housing. Religion from one or more temples is required for housing to upgrade at various stages. With the proper altars and oracles constructed at a Temple Complex, priests and priestesses gain new powers.

Having adequate temple (or, more precisely, religious) coverage in a city is one of the most basic requirements for raising Culture Rating.

Temples are somewhat desirable to live close to. They are vulnerable to collapse.

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