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Tanis is a mission found in Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile.

Briefing Edit

For many generations Egyptians have been suffering under the cruel fist of Persia. Babylon's grip upon our sacred lands is, however, not as strong as it once was. While our accursed oppressors have been busy meddling in the politics of Greece, a series of revolts in Egypt has finally managed to loosen the hated Persian yoke. Now, however, word has reached Pharaoh Achoris that a force commanded by Fleet Admiral Conon (a Greek lackey receiving Persian gold) has been dispatched by Artaxerxes II and is headed for our shores. Pharaoh Achoris has wisely determined that a strong naval presence in the Nile is needed to thwart this incursion. As Royal Governor of Tanis for the next ten years, you must build strong ships and train stalwart troops to guard the approaches by water and land.

You will need to establish a trade route with Enkomi to import sturdy wood with which to construct a fleet. Copper can also be imported from Enkomi, on the island of Cyprus. This trade route is precarious at best, as it runs close to the Levant coast, under control of our foe. Supplying the Pharaoh with needed supplies should help to supplement your income.

Be aware that funds are tight in these troubled times. To succeed, you must be savvy in business and trade as well as a skillful commander.

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