Scope of wiki Edit

You should clarify the stated scope of the wiki. Is it for all games in which each player builds only one city, such as Caesar II, or does it include games in which a player can build numerous cities, such as Civilization? -- Robin Patterson (Talk) 21:51, March 8, 2016 (UTC)

Currently, my focus is for games where the player only builds a single city at a time. However, my intention is to eventually have pages and minimal coverage for any kind of city builder game (but only modern ones and will not bother with games before 1995).
The large importing of content was to create a baseline of content I had already created on another wiki, giving the wiki a headstart. This wiki has been abandoned for many years and has had no sysops to manage it. I am hopeful that, in time, there will be a large user base of people contributing about all kinds of city builders. However, I concede that separate wiki's already exist, so for those games where that happens, our coverage on this wiki will be minimal.
However, by minimal, that means we'll still have a single page about the game here and a link to the appropriate wiki, but we're not gonna plaster the homepage in backlinks to other wiki's, as that is not going to help grow activity levels here. --Sajuuk 21:59, March 8, 2016 (UTC)

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