The Sui-Tang Dynasties is the sixth historical campaign of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It combines the historical Sui Dynasty and the Tang Dynasty due to both dynasties being short in length.

Briefing Edit

Like leaves blown aimlessly by the wind, for many hundreds of years the people of this great land have wandered this way and that in search of a wise and strong leader to bind them. Now, a new Mandate from Heaven has been issued! It is not without much struggle and determination that the kingdom of Sui, led by the noble Yang Jian, has finally stepped forward to grab the yoke of all lands between the Yellow and Yangzi rivers. Let the grandeur that was the China of our ancestors be given a new birth.

Background Edit

This campaign, like the previous one, is also fairly lengthy, with several desert based missions. During the first mission, the player builds a new capital city and the Grand Pagoda, signalling the coming of the Buddhism faith within China. The player also learns about the art of tea curing and providing this to the citizens. After this first mission, the player will be sent to develop a grain basket for the country due to the war of succession. They will also extend the Grand Canal and construct the first section of the Stone Great Wall.

As per the name of the campaign, the dynasty changes instantly after the completion of Liangzhou, with the Tang Dynasty rising to power. Troubles in China have resulted in outposts falling to the meddlesome Tibetans attacking from Lhasa, but the player will be sent to protect the trade routes to Kashgar. After this, they will develop a new capital at Luoyang, before returning to Chang-an again. The last mission involves a siege upon a ruined desert outpost and the player defending it against increasing invasions.

Missions Edit

Sui Dynasty Edit

Tang Dynasty Edit

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