Storage Yard
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Building Information
Stores goods and food
Placement Cost
14 56 70 84 105
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Storage Yard is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Storage yards store goods and food. Each storage yard has eight spaces that can each store 4 (or 400, depending on type) units of a good. Buyers from bazaars buy goods from storage yards; traders buy and sell their goods at storage yards, too. Storage yards only accept goods when they are fully employed.

Storage yards work very similarly to granaries. They can be set to accept, get, don't accept, and empty different types of good; they can be ordered to accept or get a quarter, half, or three quarters of their capacity worth of a food or good. A storage yard sends up to two cart pushers to obtain any good it's been ordered to get; the cart pushers can walk up to 500 tiles to retrieve what they are looking for. In this manner, storage yards are crucial to controlling the flow of goods within a city. Efficiently placed storage yards also facilitate the manufacturing of goods by ensuring that industries can quickly access raw materials and deposit finished goods. Well-placed storage yards help facilitate efficient trading for docks and traders. Finally, storage yards are essential to monument building--the large amounts of building materials required for such tasks necessitates properly placed storage yards to store stone and brick and ensure construction progresses smoothly. 

By default, storage yards accept all goods except food. If food is set to being accepted, cart pushers prioritize depositing food in a storage yard over an accepting granary. Traders can only buy and sell food at storage yards, not granaries. Buyers from bazaars can retrieve food from storage yards as though they were granaries, but only if the food is being imported.

The nature of fresh-built storage yards to accept all goods can cause them to quickly become cluttered with many products unless they are managed properly. The most efficient storage yards only accept a few types of goods so that their cart pushers are not overtaxed trying to retrieve and deposit too many things. 

Storage yards are prone to both fire and collapse. As thieves only steal debens, they never steal from storage yards. They are undesirable buildings for residents to live near.

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