Stonemason's Guild
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Building Information
Sends masons to place stone blocks on monuments
Technical Information

Stonemason's Guild is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Stonemason's guilds generate stonemasons, who are help place and carve monuments that use stone. These include Stepped Pyramids, Bent Pyramids, True Pyramids, Obelisks, Sphinxes, Sun Temples, Mud-Brick Pyramids, and Mausoleums.

Each (fully staffed) Stonemason's guild spawns four stonemasons. If there's a project that needs working on, these stonemasons make their way to the monument, and then work there for up to two loads of delivered stone before vanishing, allowing the stonemason's guild(s) to spawn more stonemasons.

When there are no projects available, stone masons are still spawned, but wander the city as roaming workers. Roaming stone masons do not benefit housing or other structures in any way.

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