The Song-Jin Dynasties is the seventh and final historical campaign of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It combines the Northern Song dynasty and the "Jurchen" Jin dynasty.

Briefing Edit

For fifty years, China has been in disarray, with no kingdom or leader strong enough to earn the Mandate of Heaven and restore the glory of the shattered Tang dynasty. Are you up to the task of reuniting China and founding the Song dynasty? If so, a period of great advances in art, literature and higher learning await. However even a Golden Age such as this will pass eventually, for dark storm clouds continue to arise from the northern steppes. How long can these marauding riders be kept at bay?

Background Edit

Unlike previous dynasties, this campaign is nearly all focused on some sort of military. The use of spies by rival cities will increase significantly so the player will have to keep an extremely close watch on everyone in their city, as spies tend to start being used quite early in most of these missions. Conquering cities is a common mission goal in these missions, so large military forces are required: inexperienced generals (aka, players with little knowledge of commanding a military) should probably avoid this campaign until they have developed their experience.

The first mission involves the construction of a new capital for the newly-formed Song Dynasty. After this new capital is developed, they will be sent northwards to stop the advancing Khitan armies from the Liao Empire and to quell the rebellious leaders of alternative dynasties. As the millenium ticks past, they will be sent southward to the province of Sichuan to develop another city while they attempt to take back the capital of Kaifeng from the Khitan. The Song Dynasty ends after the capital is expanded further, after which the Jin Dynasty takes center stage as a result of a failed attempt to stop the Khitan.

The Jin Dynasty is actually fairly short, if only extremely difficult. The first mission of the new dynasty involves the construction of a brand new capital at Zhongdu -- the city that would become the present-day Beijing. Once more, spies are a common problem and they'll be used a lot, particularly by the Xia-Xia Empire. After the new capital is constructed, they'll be sent northwards to build a section of the Stone Great Wall to stop Genghis Khan and the Mongol Empire from invading. The last mission of the dynasty -- and of the campaign -- involves returning to Zhongdu to stop the inevitable invasion by the Mongols once more.

Once the last mission is complete, the campaign is also finished.

Missions Edit

Song Dynasty Edit

Jin Dynasty Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Actual historical accounts show that the Mongols did invade China and successfully conquered it: however, China culture was not overruled and the Mongols changed their own cultures to follow that of China. Under Mongol rule, the Great Wall was completed in its entirety.

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