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Item Information
  • Required to upgrade Modest Siheyuans
230 Strings of Cash

Silk is a good found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It is produced by a Weaver.

Background Edit

Silk is one of the most expensive and lucrative exports in the game. Many missions allow the player to grow silk locally through Silkworm Sheds, although a few missions require the player to import Silk.

Silk is a popularly requested item by several foreign cities, such as the Xiongnu Empire. It is always wise to have a small stockpile of the commodity in case it is requested. Many cities will purchase the good, turning a tidy profit.

Silk is also one of the rare goods that produces the highest boosts to a god's mood. Just a medium gift of silk can easily change a god's opinion from Unhappy to Joyful. If a mission goal requires heroes to enter the city, excess silk should be sent to quickly get gods into the city to meet the goal.

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