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Building Information
Appeases gods
Placement Cost
20 80 100 120 150
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Shrine is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Shrines are religious structures that help appease the gods that they are dedicated to. How many shrines required to appease a god depends on the population of the city and whether the god they are dedicated to is a patron god or a local deity. Patron gods require a shrine for every 150 people, while local deities only require one for every 300. Temples are 2.5x more effective than shrines at appeasing gods in this respect. The effect of shrines, temples, and Temple Complexes are cumulative when it comes to appeasing gods.

Shrines have several advantages and disadvantages compared to temples. They do not require employment, although they still need road access in the long run so that architects can maintain them (in addition, shrines placed too far away from a road do not increase gods' happiness; while they still increase desirability of an area, they inevitably collapse from lack of access to architect's posts). They appease gods less effectively, but are much smaller and cheaper, and are more efficient at pleasing gods in terms of space. They grant no religion to nearby housing at all, unlike temples; as such, they play no role in housing evolution beyond being a relatively expensive source of desirability. 

Shrines are desirable to live close to. They are prone to collapse. While they need no labor, they still need to be within two tiles of a road to ensure that they do not collapse. Their desirability, small size, and utility means that they can be useful (if somewhat expensive) alternatives to small statues, albeit ones that need the support of architect's posts. As they are available in the story before more conventional forms of beautification, they are a useful substitute until statues and gardens become available.

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