The Shang Dynasty is the second historical campaign of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

The end of 400 years of Xia rule resulted in the rise of the Shang Dynasty. During this period, powerful warlord-kings used wise seers to predict the future, based on interpretations of cracks in fire-heated oracle bones. Many of these predictions were then etched into the bones, planting the seed for a written language. Elaborate bronzewares were cast and used during important ceremonies to pay homage to ancestors and heroic figures. Take this path to walk in the footsteps of the Shang...

Background Edit

The first mission, Bo, is a relatively simple mission, involving the construction of a new town under the Shang. Eventually, the player learns the art of mining Copper Ore to make Bronze, which would be used for casting Bronzeware and Weapons. The player will also battle the Nomad Camps for the first time and build two capital cities for the Shang.

During the campaign, the player will also learn how to build monuments, although they are relatively basic and simple. They will also establish a community in the Yangzi River farming Rice for the populace.

Missions Edit

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