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Serabit Khadim
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Serabit Khadim is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

Like Den before him, Pharaoh Huni has ordered an expedition into the harsh land of Sinai to acquire turquoise gemstones and copper. He wishes you to lead this expedition, to a place called Serabit Khadim, where the building remains of an earlier Egyptian outpost may still be found. Their current condition is unknown, but they may still provide some means of defense for the expedition.

You should be aware that the last such expedition sent to this area never returned. A later expedition sent to recover them also did not return. Nevertheless, if we are to arm our soldiers adequately, our Kingdom needs copper for making weapons, and this metal is scarce in our land.

Prepare yourself, for you will be under constant threat of attack from the Bedouin of the Sinai desert, and from our enemies the Canaanites. Mine what copper and gemstones you may under these conditions, and be prompt in fulfilling Pharaoh's requests. You may employ jewelers to use any surplus gemstones to fashion jewelry for the people occupying the settlement.

Goals Edit

  • 2,000 Population
  • 80 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

Serabit Khadim is home to large rock formations that provide plenty of copper and gemstones, which make for lucrative exports. Gemstones may be fashioned into luxury goods, which may also be sold. The main challenge of the mission is fending off the numerous attacks from Canaanites and Bedouins. In the meantime, a high Kingdom Rating is required to beat the level. Pharaoh often requests gemstones and copper, and fulfilling these on time ensure that the Kingdom Rating rises steadily.

Copper and gemstones may both be mined and sold (in quantities of 4,000 and 5,000 respectively with all routes opened). As both are very lucrative the two exports alone should take care of all economic trouble. However, papyrus, jewelry, linen, bricks, and pottery can also be made and sold should the need arise. The map is small enough to preclude fully developing all these industries for maximum trade capacity, however, so it may be better to just focus on the more lucrative ones.

Due to the fact that there are no monuments that need to be erected, this mission can be completed very quickly.

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