Selima Oasis
Selima Oasis
Mission Info
Starting Year
2650 BC
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 12000 Db
Easy: 6000 Db
Normal: 6000 Db
Hard: 6000 Db
Very Hard: ? Db
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Selima Oasis is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the military first mission of the Old Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

A new Pharaoh, Nebka, has been proclaimed, heralding the beginning of the third dynasty of Egyptian rulers. Nebka has brought great organization and structure to Egypt, ordering that all our realm be divided into districts, or nomes, each governed by a local ruler called a 'Nomarch'. Though this system may seem rigid, under his leadership Egypt has grown and prospered, and made many great achievements in art and architecture.

Merchant caravans, travelling oasis by oasis from deep within the African interior, have begun to provide Egypt with many rare and exotic luxury goods, now prized by our people. Unfortunately these caravans are routinely attacked by warriors from Libya, and even by Bedouin of the Eastern Desert. To secure these trade routes, Pharaoh Nebka, He of the Sedge and Bee, wishes you to establish a military post at the Selima Oasis, the hub of the caravan trade, far beyond the borders of our realm.

There you will find some trees suitable for timber, the sale of which will help you raise money to fund the establishment of this outpost. To forge weapons, you may obtain copper from our newly established mines at Timna, in the land of Sinai.

From the Selima Oasis, you may import ebony from the African nation of Kerma. Once you have succeeded in establishing this outpost, it shall provide a reliable source of ebony for all the cities in our realm.

Goals Edit

  • 3,000 Population
  • 20 Culture Rating
  • 20 Prosperity Rating
  • 55 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

In the first mission of the Old Kingdom, you have been sent to a desert outpost to secure important trade routes from attacks by Libya.

This mission is fairly short and shouldn't take much time to complete. There is a large oasis of water and plenty of trees: your first task should be to start a Wood Cutter industry and export as much Wood as you can to neighbouring cities. Wood is a raw material and requires no processing in a workshop, other than the Wood Cutter, so profits can be maximised from efficient placement of the cutters.

There are some early requests for Luxury Goods. There is no manner of producing your own Luxury Goods to meet these requests and you must import them from Kerma, but this trade closes very early. There are no negative repercussions from simply ignoring the requests for Luxury Goods, other than a drop in Kingdom Rating, but doing so means you don't need to worry too much about the Kerma trade route, especially as it is opened and closed constantly by sieges. Your efforts are best served in building up a military and a money-making outpost instead.

Other than Wood, you can export a range of other goods by importing the necessary raw materials, such as Beer, Linen and Papyrus. Once your main bulk of housing is constructed and evolved as high as possible, you shouldn't have issues meeting the other lower goals, though you might need to consider building some manor housing if unemployment is running too high.

Although you don't need to bother about opening the Kerma trade route, you do need to send troops there to improve your kingdom rating, as there are no other requests to do so. The Behdet trade route is closed by a siege at one point and it must be saved, as it is your only buyer of wood and is the sole importer of a number of other commodities.

Other than the minor invasions, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting past this mission.

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