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Sawu is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

Now that Egypt is firmly united under your rule, we must develop trade relations with cities throughout the world to increase Egypt's wealth, O King of the Two Lands.

As your people prosper, they demand more exotic items. Tired of jewelry, an easily obtained luxury good, your people want rare and expensive luxury goods, such as incense. Your court and I, your trusted vizier, recommend that you establish a Red Sea port at Sawu. Sawu offers a trade route to distant Pwenet, from which the finest incense in the world may be imported, though at great cost.

Beside some modest veins of gold and copper ore, Sawu produces few raw materials of its own, but can thrive as a manufacturer of finished goods. By importing raw materials from trade partners, and exporting finished products, Sawu shall be able to turn a tidy profit.

While you are busy at Sawu, one of your most valiant Nomarchs is establishing a new trade center in Nubia. His city, Iken, is likely to come under attack, so my beloved Pharaoh should be prepared to send him any resources he may need.

Under your rule, Sawu is sure to be one of the loveliest cities in the kingdom, suitable as a final resting place for you and your family. As you establish the thriving port, do not neglect preparations for the afterlife. A mausoleum and small brick pyramid will provide sumptuous quarters for you and your family after your passage to the Field of Reeds.

Goals Edit

Summary Edit

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