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Saqqara is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

The accession of Pharaoh Djoser to the throne of Egypt has ushered in a new era of wisdom, learning and artistic achievement. A royal cemetery is to be established at Saqqara, to serve as the eternal resting place for nobles such as Hezyre and Khabausokar, Pharaoh's trusted courtiers.

But this site shall also contain a monument the like of which the world has never seen before. I, the Pharaoh's royal vizier Imhotep, have conceived a new form of sacred tomb for Pharaoh. Unlike the low mud brick mastabas of prior Pharaohs, this tomb shall rise toward the heavens, as if it were comprised of several mastabas, placed one on top of the other. And what's more, this 'stepped pyramid' shall be constructed entirely of stone, that it may endure the passage of the eons. Deep within, a sarcophagus of solid granite shall hold Pharaoh's body for his eternal rest.

Priests at the necropolis of Abjedu have perfected the art of using linen to embalm the dead, thus opening the door to everlasting life to all Egyptians.

Our trading post at the Selima Oasis still thrives, and from there you may import ebony from Africa.

Pharaoh has given you a generous supply of cash to get started on this project. Do not let him down.

Goals Edit

  • 3,500 Population
  • 15 Prosperity Rating
  • 19 Monument Rating (1 Medium Stepped Pyramid)
  • 50 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

Saqqara introduces the concept of pyramid building, as well as Mortuaries and quarries.

The mission has no military requirements, nor are any military buildings available. There are some hyenas present, however; the only way to contain their threat is by surrounding them with small Statues and the like or building plenty of police stations to safeguard against the threat.

The very large meadow on the west bank of the river, along with the ostrich herds, should easily provide for the required 3,500 population. Having more population than the requirement can be useful for providing more labor for the pyramid, however.

There is a gift of pomegranates early in the scenario. Refusing this gift is seen as an insult and causes Selima Oasis to cut trading ties. This causes the mission to be impossible to win as Selima Oasis sells wood, which is needed to complete the pyramid. Simply accepting the pomegranate gift prevents this from happening. 

The mission has access to gold ore, but there are also plenty of export options. The primary feature of the mission is the construction of the first Stepped Pyramid. 

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