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Item Information
  • Additive that can increase food quality
40 Strings of Cash

Salt is a raw material found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

Although Salt is classified as a type of food, it is not grown from farms and is not actually a type of food. Salt is one of the more unique raw materials in that it improves the quality of food present in a mill and is the product of a Salt Mine.

Salt is sometimes necessary early on in missions where food is scare. A single Salt Mine can produce enough salt that it can be combined with a single food type, such as Game Meat, to provide Plain Food level very quickly, allowing for many more workers. Salt should not be used as a permanent addition to a city, as it can reduce overall city health, so should be replaced with actual food types once there are enough workers to tend the fields.

Salt is a very cheap and unreliable export option. However, if money is tight, salt can sometimes help to keep a city from going into debt as several cities will generally buy the commodity. It is also useful as a homage gift, as only a small number of mines can produce vast quantities of salt.

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