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Rowarty is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the military last mission of the New Kingdom and the final mission of the Pharaoh campaign.

Briefing Edit

O Horus of Gold, our hold on Asia is strong and unchallenged, and our borders again stretch far into Nubia. But the trouble on our northern coast is escalating. The Sea People have become increasingly aggressive, wantonly raiding our cities. Only Pharoah's [sic] [Do not change this to Pharaoh's. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] presence will be enough to defeat this fierce and wily adversary. If you commission a navy, supported by a strong army, surely we shall overcome the Sea People.

While you work to defeat the Sea People, your brave Nomarchs are leading attacks throughout the world. If they are successful, Egypt will rule the world from the great Euphrates river in Asia to the sprawling Kushite city of Kerma to the south. When you and your Nomarchs have met with sweet victory, your dynasty will be recorded as the greatest dynasty ever to keep watch over Egypt.

Marking your far-reaching influence is a new, distant trade partner, Mycenae. The king of Mycenae has learned of the splendor and bounty of Egypt, and wishes to engage in trade with us. If you agree to open this trade route, O Pharaoh, your citizens will surely be provided with exotic goods unlike any they have ever seen.

To house your royal family for the afterlife, an awe-inspiring mausoleum and an impressive pair of brick pyramids must be built. These monuments will remind all who follow of your deeds both on and off the battlefield.

Goals Edit

Summary Edit

Rowarty has large naval attacks by the sea people, so a powerful navy is needed. There is plenty of coastline to field both a full quota of transport ships and many transport ships. There are also lots of requests for troops in Rowarty, so a powerful ground army is also required. The required monuments for Rowarty are a mausoleum and two brick pyramids.

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