Reed Gatherer
Building Information
Gathers reeds for Papyrus Makers
Technical Information

The Reed Gatherer is a building type in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Reed Gatherers send men to harvest reeds from marshes. When fully staffed, each of these facilities dispatches five men to seek grown reed tiles and harvest them. Every trip from an individual gatherer yields 50 reeds; whenever the building accumulates over 100 reeds, it sends them to the nearest accepting storage yard or papyrus maker. Reed gatherers operate best when placed close to both accepting storage yards/papyrus makers and reed fields.

Due to the large number of gatherers dispatched from a single building, just one reed gatherer can be sufficient to staff multiple papyrus makers if it is placed close enough to a reed field.

Reed is an unattractive option to export, fetching only 23 debens per 100 units. They are much better used producing papyrus, which can be exported for much higher prices.

Reed gatherers are prone to catching fire. They are undesirable to live close to.

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