The Qin Dynasty is the fourth historical campaign of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

For many years the once powerful Zhou Dynasty has been disintegrating into a morass of feuding, quarreling cities. Now their strength is at an end and they have lost the favour of Heaven. Meanwhile, we, the people of Qin, have grown mighty. The wisdom of our rulers is keen, and the strength of our iron weapons is all powerful. Destiny beckons for the people of Qin to grab the reins of power and reclaim the Mandate of Heaven.

Background Edit

This campaign is one of the shorter campaigns available in the game. In the first mission, the player builds a section of the Grand Canal, before being called away to build the capital city for China's first Emperor.

After the capital is constructed, the player will be sent southward to the land of Annam to build a small settlement to show the locals the benefits of China involvement. The player will then be sent northward to construct another section of the Earthen Great Wall, before being sent back to Xianyang to construct the Terracotta Army and a Tumulus.

Apart from the missions in Xianyang, this campaign will probably pass quite quickly, due to the other missions being quite short and simple in nature.

Missions Edit

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