Nu Wa
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Person Information
  • Confers Inspector and Musician Coverage. Can capture animals for Palace Menagerie.

Nu Wa, also known as The Creator Goddess, is a hero who can be summoned in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Benefits Edit

While Nu Wa is present in the city, she confers Inspector and Musician coverage to buildings that she passes, as well as providing access to the Ancestral Heroes to all housing that requires it. She is also one of the few heroes who are able to capture animals on the map for the Palace menagerie, which can sometimes be necessary as a mission goal.

In addition, she also halves the cost of building Clay Pits, Fishing Quays, Hunter's Tents, Inspector's Towers, Irrigation Pumps, Irrigation Ditches, and Music Schools. She also reduces the chance that enemy troops can set fire to a building by half, but she will not attempt to fight the attackers unless to defend herself.

Blessings Edit

Like all heroes, Nu Wa can bless a small number of buildings, which causes them to temporarily perform better than normal. When she blesses a Clay Pit, Fishing Quay or Hunter's Tent, their production is increased for a short time. Additionally, she can bless the Inspector's Tower, which causes the building to automatically move to the "Improved" state, though this is temporary. This blessing has no effect if the building is already in the improved state.

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