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North Dahshur
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North Dahshur is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

Pharaoh Snofru has brought order to Egypt, and the Kingdom now flourishes under his wise and benevolent rule. Snofru wishes to undertake another construction project at Dahshur, even more ambitious than the bent pyramid already completed. Royal architects, surveyors and engineers are confident that they can construct an edifice whose sides rise in one continuous angle, culminating in a perfect peak. If successful, this will be the first true pyramid, and will be a worthy home for Pharaoh Snofru through all eternity!

Pharaoh's wife, Queen Hetehpheres, has recently given birth to a son whom they have named 'Khufu'. Our people look toward the day of his eventual rule with much foreboding, for the seers of Horus, God of the Pharaoh, have predicted that he will show none of his father's benevolence toward our people. Though he will achieve many great things, they fear he will rule Egypt with unyielding tyranny.

You may acquire wood from Byblos, since carpenters will have to build many ramps to allow workers to reach the summit of this great pyramid.

Goals Edit

  • 3,000 Population
  • 20 Culture Rating
  • 30 Prosperity Rating
  • 32 Monument Rating (1 Large True Pyramid)
  • 55 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

As only one food type may be obtained here, it is impossible to level housing past common residences; therefore, there is no logical point to provide amenities designed to evolve housing past this point.

Beer is the only lucrative good that also has local resources available. Excess barley may also be sold, and papyrus and linen may be produced and sold after importing their respective raw materials. Rock formations are in abundance, and limestone may also be sold, although it is also required to fulfill requests and for the pyramid.

Other cities request grain, barley, straw, limestone, and beer. In return for fulfilling these requests, they send plain stone to aid in the construction of the pyramid. The only other source of plain stone available is from trading with Meidum, as the city cannot mine it itself. Therefore, plain stone is the primary limiting factor when it comes to the speed of pyramid completion. It can be alleviated somewhat by obtaining blessings from Ra, and forgoing reed and clay imports (which also can only be imported from Meidum) in favor of purely obtaining stone imports.

Libyans and Bedouins attack from the north-west and south-west. In addition, Abu requests a small amount of troops for assistance many years into the mission.

Trivia Edit

  • The map's geography is a clear extension of the northern edge of South Dahshur, and vice versa.

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