Mission Info
Starting Year
635 CE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 27000 Strings of Cash
Easy: 18000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 18000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 18000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 14400 Strings of Cash
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Niya is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Like the Qin of ancient times, the rulers of the Sui Dynasty pushed the people too hard, too fast -- and it caused their downfall. The wise Emperor Gaozu, founder of the Tang Dynasty, was a great man and shrewd leader. Now his son, Taizong, a devoted student of calligraphy and painting, sits upon the throne in Chang-an. Being concerned about the welfare of his subjects, our sage Emperor has lowered taxes and limited burdensome public works projects. But our leader's genius is not limited to the political, as has been shown by his skill in pitting one barbarian tribe against another and thence gaining firm control of the Tarim basin.

And it is to the Tarim basin that you are being sent, as magistrate of the town of Niya. Located on the southern edge of the Taklamakan Desert, Niya was once a thriving hamlet along the old Silk Road, but fell into disrepair when Chinese influence in the region waned, and was finally abandoned. Now, given our renewed lordship over the area, Emperor Taizong understandably wants the fallen bricks of the old town used to rebuild a new, stronger Niya. It is your good fortune that portions of the former inhabitants' irrigation system are still intact. This should help your farmers to coax more crops from the thirsty ground. Meanwhile, hunters can also track down elusive Saiga antelope in order to put some tasty meat in your peoples' woks.

Do not be surprised if the Tibetans are upset with our growing influence in the region. Given proper homage, Sun Wu Kong -- the mischievous 'Monkey King' and a powerful Buddhist hero -- can now be summoned to aid your city.

Goals Edit

  • Population of 2100
  • 15 Months of Heroes
  • 1500 people in Luxurious Apartment or better

Summary Edit

The Sui Dynasty has fallen! A new dynasty, the Tang Dynasty has arisen and the new Emperor has decreed that we rebuild Niya, along the Silk Road.

The mission is peaceful, but you will need to build up a military sooner or later. Lhasa will invade within 2 years, as they will start in a Hostile state, resulting in the appearance of Spies in this city. You will almost certainly want to place a Buddhist Pagoda and work on summoning Sun Wu Kong, the most powerful hero in the game, as his presence will almost certain turn the tide of the battle here.

Exports are somewhat better this time around. You can still import Jade and sell Carved Jade to Chang-an, but you should also make Paper at the Paper Maker and sell it for further profit. The weak fertility of the region means that you should develop two sections for growing Hemp: large amounts of hemp should be grown for use in the city with irrigation and another section should be developed for use in making Paper. Both Carved Jade and Paper will suffice for most money making, as you'll need to import Weapons for your forts once more.

Reaching the Months of Heroes goal will be fairly simple. The population and housing goals can be reached with a single block that contains a large amount of housing. Try to avoid building more than one block to keep the population under control and you'll be on your way to completing Niya!

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