This is the article on the mission in Pharaoh. If you are looking for the article on the similarly named mission in Children of the Nile, see Nekhen.

Mission Info
Starting Year
3000 BC
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 20000 Db
Easy: 10000 Db
Normal: 10000 Db
Hard: 10000 Db
Very Hard: ? Db
Mission Navigation

Nekhen is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the first mission of the Archaic Period.

Briefing Edit

As the people who live along the Nile still struggle to survive in this harsh environment, a local king named Narmer has risen to power. Though Narmer has dominion over much of this land, full unification of the twin kingdoms has yet to be achieved. In commemoration of his accession, Narmer wishes your family to establish and govern a new city at Nekhen. This city will have temples to many of the gods of Egypt and numerous places of entertainment.

Goals Edit

  • Population of 1,000
  • 10 Modest Apartments

Summary Edit

In the first mission of the new period of time, you are learning the art of brewing Beer, which is becoming very popular throughout the country.

You'll notice that the flood plain is smaller compared to that provided previously and that there is no Gold Mines available, so profit is not possible. This time, there are multiple gods to appease, with Ra being the patron god of the area. Make sure that he is provided with additional temples and shrines to prevent him getting upset, but don't forget the other local gods of the region!

Start off by planning an area of housing. The higher population and housing targets will require a bit of housing, but not too much more than what was built before. Your only source of food is Grain, so place down some Grain Farms and a Work Camp to serve the flood plain area. Make sure to provide access to religion, entertainment and Pottery to evolve your housing.

The main goal is to brew some beer. To do this, you will need to build some Barley Farms on the floodplain. These farms don't produce food, but a raw material: Barley. For this to become Beer, you will need to build a Brewery. The cart pushers of the Barley Farms will deposit the harvest at available Breweries, which will allow the production of beer.

Once some beer has been produced, you will be able to place some Tax Collectors: these require the Palace to be built first, but will allow you to make some money, but not enough to stop the city running into debt.

Once your housing has evolved to Modest Apartment, you just have to wait for the population to reach 1000 people. If you are having trouble with unemployment, build more temples and industry, as well as additional Booths and Bandstands to increase Culture.

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