Monuments are a type of building that is built in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Background Edit

Just like Pharaoh, in Emperor, the player may be asked to build certain monuments in missions as a mission goal. In most cases, these are true to historical accounts (such as Emperor Qin's Great Wall at Badaling and the Great Wall section built at Juyongguan to stop the Mongol Empire), though a very small number of monuments are built only to extend mission lengths and to increase the mission's difficulty.

These monuments all require an extremely large city with a lot of on-hand labourer's to build them. Most of the resources needed to build these monuments are usually available within the city itself, although there are a few missions in which the necessary raw material or finished good must be imported from a trade partner.

Missions in which a section of either the Earthen Great Wall or the Stone Great Wall must be built are exempt from a lot of these limitations, as the resources are always provided locally and never need to be imported. Additionally, the section that must be constructed always has the footprint present from the start and does not need to be manually placed, neither can it be removed. This is also true for missions where the Grand Canal is being constructed.

Xi Wang Mu, one of the earliest Daoism heroes made available in the campaign, can help to speed up monument building while she is in the city. She does not need to bless a monument to confer this benefit: her mere presence is enough to quicken tasks. This is especially important when building the Underground Vault.

All completed monuments honour particular gods: the gods who are affected by a monument will immediately become Exalted and will usually grace the city, though the investment needed to build monuments usually means that such an event never occurs. In the case of Ancestor Heroes, the associated god will never become upset again for the remainder of the mission.

List of Monuments Edit

The following is a list of monuments available in the game. Note that larger versions exist for some of these monuments. They are built in exactly the same way, but just require more resources to construct them:

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