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Meidum is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

Pharaoh Huni wishes to spend everlasting eternity in a stepped pyramid, like that of Djoser before him. He wishes to be surrounded by the tombs of his nobles, and has chosen Meidum, in Lower Egypt, as the site for this royal necropolis.

As a symbol of thanks for the many generations of faithful service provided by your house, Huni has also consented to allow you to be interred at Meidum, in your own tomb. In doing this, he has also conferred great honor upon your family.

To ensure that the wisdom and learning of Egypt is preserved through the ages, Pharaoh Huni also urges the construction of royal libraries. Once filled with scrolls of papyrus, these will provide higher education to the upper classes.

Pharaoh has sent another of his faithful courtiers on an expedition to Serabit Khadim, in the harsh land of Sinai, to acquire turquoise gemstones. If this expedition is a success, you may look forward to importing gemstones from there. Jewelers can use these to fashion jewelry, a valuable luxury good, for the people of your city.

The once-thriving city of Behdet has begun to decline, and no longer exports many of the commodities they were once known for.

Goals Edit

  • 3,000 Population
  • 25 Culture Rating
  • 25 Prosperity Rating
  • 39 Monument Rating (1 Small Stepped Pyramid, 1 Large Stepped Pyramid Complex)
  • 40 Kingdom Rating

Summary Edit

Meidum requires a tremendous amount of plain stone for its stepped pyramid complex and small stepped pyramid. Gathering the resources for and building these monuments are the primary concerns for this level. Papyrus may be made and exported (although this is hampered somewhat by the hippos in the marshes), and wood may be cut and sold.

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