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Maritis is a mission found in Cleopatra: Queen of the Nile.

Briefing Edit

The indelicate grasp of the Roman Empire grows stronger and reaches farther with each passing day. Even the deadly political power struggles of Rome have reached our land. With the recent assassination of Pompey on the shores of Egypt, Julius Caesar now has complete control of Rome's mighty legions and has cast his eyes upon the riches of Egypt - and upon the beauty of our beguiling pharaoh, Cleopatra VII, daughter of Ptolemy XII Auletes. Our clever leader is not easily outdone on the battlefield of wits, however. If Caesar desires to use her as a means to further Rome's influence in Egypt, so too does she plan to employ him as an instrument of maintaining the dynastic power of our great land.

Caesar's arrival in Alexandria with his unpopular Romans has sparked an uprising among its independent minded citizens. An unruly mob, egged on by Cleopatra's younger brother Ptolemy XIII, has cornered Caesar and his men in the royal quarter of the city. Bitter street fighting has erupted, claiming many casualties. In a bid to keep his seaward escape route open, Caesar burned the Egyptian fleet as it lay at anchor in Alexandria's harbor. Unfortunately the conflagration spread to some shoreline warehouses, burning great quantities of papyrus scrolls belonging to the Great Library.

To break the trap in which he now finds himself, Caesar has summoned the loyal Mithradates and his troops from Syria to effect his rescue. After successfully storming the border fortress of Migdol, Mithradates has force-marched his men around the apex of the Nile delta so to approach Alexandria from the southeast. The lead elements of this force are currently encamped on the outskirts of the small village of Maritis, on the eastern shore of Lake Mariut, preparing for the final leg of their journey.

The baleful Ptolemy XIII has learned of the approach of these reinforcements. In response he has marched the bulk of his more numerous army southeastward out of Alexandria. A decisive battle on the eastern shore of Lake Mariut is about to ensue. Can you, commanding Mithradates' Roman legions, defeat Ptolemy's rebellious Egyptian army and break through to Caesar and Cleopatra in Alexandria? Their fate rests in your hands.

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