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Mansion is a building found in Pharaoh.

Background Edit

Mansions may only be placed on spaces that have at least one grassy tile. They require no workers, but they do need road access.

Mansions provide a personal salary to the player. The salary accumulated is taken directly out of city treasuries, and is collected once a month. The money may then be used to lavish other cities with gifts to improve kingdom rating, or may be given to the city (although given that the money is taken out of the city treasury in the first place, simply not building the mansion is a better way to retain money). Mansions hold the family's personal treasury and are prone to being robbed by thieves.

Salaries are carried over to subsequent missions. This is useful to provide large boosts of funds to said missions. Setting a salary lower than that of the player's default rank improves kingdom rating at a rate of +1 per year, while drawing a larger salary than one's rank decreases kingdom rating.

Mansions come in three sizes, Personal, Family, and Dynasty. Personal mansions first become available at Nekhen. They are replaced by Family mansions in North Dahshur. Personal mansions are the smallest and cheapest to build, but have lower desirability. As the player progresses, the mansion available for construction becomes larger, more expensive, but also more desirable.

Mansions are some of the most desirable buildings to live close to. They are prone to fire and collapse.

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