This is the article on the first Luoyang in the Han Dynasty. If you are looking for the article on the last mission of the dynasty, see Luoyang. For other uses, see Luoyang

Luoyang Han
Mission Info
Starting Year
25 CE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 31500 Strings of Cash
Easy: 21000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 21000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 21000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 16800 Strings of Cash
Mission Navigation

Luoyang is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Disastrous flooding of the Yellow River, and subsequent famine during the reign of the now-deposed usurper Wang Mang, caused upheaval throughout the empire. The royal tumuli at Chang-an were sacked, and the city left in ruins. Guang Wu Di, the new emperor and legitimate heir to the Han throne, has decreed that a new Han capital must be established further east at Luoyang.

In the early days of Chang-an, your ancestor nobly served the renowned Emperor Wu Di as city administrator. Our sagacious new emperor now calls upon you, to see if you possess the same shrewd administrative and planning skills as your esteemed ancestor. Furthermore, trade along the Silk Road must be resumed forthwith, as a distant empire's thirst for our luxurious silk is hard to quench. Meanwhile, our northern border remains a problem, as the wily Xiongnu are quick to take advantage of our recent internal strife. Trusted generals predict that barbarian raids targeting border cities should not be unexpected.

Any spare hours the citizens might have can now be spent relaxing in lovely Tai Chi parks. Paying homage to Zao Jun, a respected Daoist deity, could provide important benefits to the growing city. Lastly, remain cautious of the dangerous and unpredictable waters.

Goals Edit

  • Population of 4000
  • 120 people in Impressive Compound or better
  • 2500 people in Ornate Apartment or better

Summary Edit

In this mission, you will begin to create the new capital of Luoyang, which will become a splendid and impressive city when you return.

The goals for this mission are population based, so a lot of housing will be needed to reach the goals. You do have plenty of space to set up the city, but be aware that you will be building a Grand Temple Complex on your return to this city: having a lot of unemployment should not be a big issue as a result.

Unfortunately, to reach the Impressive Compound goal, you will need to import at least two additional food types: plenty of cities sell you additional food, as well as Salt, with Kashgar also selling Spices. When you return to this mission, these imports can be ceased as additional food will become available. Building some elite housing will be necessary, as Loulan will demand your troops and sending too many will cause a random rival city to invade you: it is imperative that you do not lose Loulan as a trade city, as this is the only city who sells you Steel, which is the raw material needed to make Weapons. If you lose Loulan, then you cannot develop your military or even rebuild your forces if they are destroyed.

Reaching the Ornate Apartment goal should be pretty easy and won't be too hard to reach. Balancing the growth of the city to reach the other goals will be your main challenge. While you wait to grow the city, summon Nu Wa to capture a Panda from the map, then distribute the Panda to other city to fill up the Palace menagerie: one of the mission goals for your second mission here involves 8 Menagerie Animals and meeting it now will make the second run considerably easier.

Don't forget the briefing's warning and stay away from the river edge: there are floods from time to time, which will destroy any buildings near the water's edge.

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