Building Information
Spawns librarians
Raw Material(s) Used
Placement Cost
90 360 450 540 675
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

The Library is a building type in Pharaoh. Unlike all other non-monument buildings, library need some goods (500 papyrus) to be in cities' storage yards to be built.

General InformationEdit

Libraries provide a higher level of education to the city. They require a starting supply of papyrus to be built, and then require additional papyrus to function after construction. Some education is required to evolve housing to medium levels. While both libraries and Scribal Schools can be used for such a task, libraries are larger, require a starting supply of papyrus, require more labor, and are more expensive to build. Thus, scribal schools are more well-suited to upgrading earlier level housing. However, both scribal schools and libraries are required to provide the highest level of education required to evolve the very best housing. As such levels of education are only required for manors or better, libraries are not necessary for worker housing.

Building an Altar of Thoth at Ptah's Temple Complex reduces the amount of papyrus libraries consume. 

Due to culture ratings requiring far more culture buildings constructed than are needed to service the citizenry, it is possible that one might have to build many more libraries than are needed to evolve housing in order to complete the mission. For a "Perfect" coverage index to be reached, one library is required for every 800 people. 

Libraries are highly desirable. They are extremely prone to fire--in fact, they are tied with scribal schools for being the most flammable buildings in Pharaoh.

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