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Item Information
  • Required to evolve Lavish Siheyans to Humble Compound

Lacquerware is a good found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It is produced by a Lacquerware Maker.

Background Edit

Lacquerware serves as the replacement "ware" product to Bronzeware. It becomes available at the end of the Zhou Dynasty and is one of the more expensive exports available.

Lacquerware is produced using Lacquer grown from the Lacquer Trees of a Lacquer Refinery and raw wood harvested by Logging Sheds. Therefore, Lacquerware is a great export if there is ample wood and lacquer available in a mission.

However, some missions within the campaign require the importation of Lacquer from trade partners: if only a small amount of Lacquer can be imported, do not rely on Lacquerware as a suitable export, as it will be drained away very quickly and stocks will deplete, causing elite blocks to devolve.

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