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Khmun is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the military first mission of the New Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Most powerful Pharaoh, Egypt cries out for your help. The menacing Hyksos have invaded our land and have set up their own capital at Rowarty. From Rowarty, they have disrupted many of our trade routes, choking off needed supplies. We must stop their conquest before it is too late.

If it pleases you, Great Pharaoh, we should reclaim the city at Khmun, which has been violated by these foul invaders. We should also build a strong army and navy, for we may need to supply troops and arms to our compatriots in the north, especially at Rowarty, to help repel the Hyksos incursion. They will look to you, Child of Ra, for support. But now we too have a new weapon. Our wise military leaders have become proficient in the use of the dreaded chariot, and we shall turn it back upon our enemies and drive them before us. Once we drive the troublesome Hyksos out, our military advisors recommend building a fort in Sinai at Sharuhen to prevent further invasions from the east.

If only our trouble was limited to the north! Reports from our southern border show that the Nubians are once again taking advantage of a distracted Egypt. They have reclaimed the southern cities of Iken and Heh. While these lost cities are cause for concern, we must first oust the Hyksos before we can turn our attention southward.

These Hyksos are most unholy invaders. We have just discovered that they have defiled the pyramid here in Khmun. They have stolen from the pyramid all the burial provisions that the mighty Pharaoh interred here needs in the Field of Reeds. We should provide a new supply of grave goods so that the Pharaoh buried here can enjoy life everlasting.

Goals Edit

Summary Edit

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