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Kebet is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

Your family's performance during the civil war has not gone unrewarded. I, Pharaoh Mentuhotep, have awarded your family the rank of Vizier. There is no one in all of Egypt that I trust more than you. Now that the twin kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt are reunited and the capital at Waset is thriving, I need you to help me solidify my position throughout the Kingdom.

While reunited, Egypt is prone to internal skirmishes, particularly in areas that were once loyal to the Henen-nesw rulers. To help solidify our new union, I want you to rebuild and defend Kebet. Kebet should be a glorious city that shows Egypt's citizens what is possible under my rule. The city comes under frequent attack from remaining loyalist cities, such as Khmun, and you must be sure to defend your city's borders.

Famine still stalks the country, and frequent requests for food will come to you from other cities in the Kingdom. Respond as quickly as you can to their heart-rending pleas, so that all Egypt will know my benevolence and the dedication of my most trusted Vizier.

I know that I am asking much of you, but there is no one else in Egypt capable of doing this difficult task.

Goals Edit

Summary Edit

There is already a city established on the west side of the Nile at the beginning of the mission, but it is also fairly damaged. The larger floodplains and the rocky or metallic outcrops are all on the east side. Fish may also be caught to supplement food stocks. 

Copper may be exported and gold may also be mined. Enemies attack from the north-west, south-west, and eventually the north-east. The enemy armies are quite large but the walls that protect Kebet can help give the defending players an advantage. 

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