This is the article on the second Kaifeng. If you are looking for the article on the first Kaifeng, see Kaifeng.

Mission Info
Starting Year
1085 CE
Starting Funds
25000 Strings of Cash on all difficulty levels
Mission Navigation

Kaifeng is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

Although the Khitan still demand periodic tributes, we have pushed them back to the Yellow River. Fortunately, their occupation of Kaifeng was not destructive, and the city has already recovered.

Having reviewed the results of the most recent examinations, the Emperor has chosen you to oversee the future development of Kaifeng. He expects it to soon become a cultural center unsurpassed in the world. Return to the classical teachings of Confucius, and ensure that all learned people study his ways. Respect too the animals of the land. The emperor has set aside his own palace grounds as a park for creatures from all over China. Fill the park with at least six exotic species.

In science and technology, our achievements grow more impressive each day. Our Emperor's collection of scholarly books and encyclopedias includes 80,000 volumes! Wonderful devices such as the compass, abacus, and spinning wheel can be found all over our city. Su Song has drawn up amazing plans for an astronomical clock tower. Please help him achieve his goal.

Finally, a new threat, the Xia-Xia Empire, is rising in the west. Our continued policy of appeasement of our enemies with the riches of our land should keep them at bay, as it has the Khitan.

Good luck, wise governor. You are presiding over the greatest city in the world, unsurpassed in its culture. Do not disappoint the Emperor.

Goals Edit

  • Clock Tower must be built
  • 6 Menagerie Animal Types Required
  • Population of 5000
  • 100 people in Heavenly Compound or better

Summary Edit

In this mission, you are returning to Kaifeng to build a Clock Tower and to expand the city to be a bustling social hub for all to see.

You will start this mission with the city as it was left previously, though your funds will be reset. However, don't rush into this mission: you will need to spend some time rearranging the trading posts, as some cities that previously were trading are no longer available and trading quotas have decreased with some cities. If you were trading with Chizhou for Rice, Wood and Tea previously, you will need to ensure you are trading with Jiangling (for Wood) and Guangzhou (for Rice). Tea can be imported from multiple cities, but it is recommended not to import this from Jiangling, as the Wood is needed for the Clock Tower monument, as well as for your Lacquerware Makers to reach the Heavenly Compound goal.

It is quite likely that, when you start this mission, you will already have planned ahead and built the required number of Elite Housing to reach this housing goal. Therefore, the only goals of importance are the population, monument and Menagerie Animal goals. However, there are no animals to be found in Kaifeng, which means you need to get one of the cities to be allied with you to request an animal, which you can use to gain the other five. Trade should be commenced as soon as possible with the Xia-Xia Empire, who purchase large amounts of Silk and will sell you Jade, as Chengdu now only sells 12 uncut jade. Chengdu is more important for the Lacquerware industry, so don't import Jade from them.

Other than the trading changes, you probably won't need to do too much to your city. Ensure your military is fully topped up, as you might be invaded by the Liao Empire if you don't have many troops in your city. Building the Clock Tower shouldn't take too much time, but all the materials needed to build it can only be imported from trade partners. Stone must be imported from Pingyao, Wood must be imported from Jiangling, and Steel can be sourced from either Pingyao and/or Guangzhou.

Once the monument is complete, you should only be closing on the population and animal type goals in order to complete the mission!

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