This is the article on the first Kaifeng. If you are looking for the article on the second Kaifeng, see Kaifeng.

Mission Info
Starting Year
960 CE
Starting Funds
Very Easy: 37500 Strings of Cash
Easy: 25000 Strings of Cash
Normal: 25000 Strings of Cash
Hard: 25000 Strings of Cash
Very Hard: 20000 Strings of Cash
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Kaifeng is a mission found in Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom. It is the first mission of the combined Song-Jin Dynasty.

Briefing Edit

Fifty-three winters have fallen on China since the end of the Tang dynasty. Fifty-three black winters, each marking the conclusion of yet another year of fighting and chaos. In this time, northern China has seen five dynasties come and go, each being overthrown by yet another military usurper. The south is likewise fragmented, divided into ten regional kingdoms. It seems the Mandate of Heaven has been lost for all time. Can the glory of China ever be restored?

And so, Zhao Kuangyin, the fate of China has been placed in your hands. Last night, your fellow officers stormed into your tent, hauled you from bed, and placed the Imperial yellow robe of Chinese royalty on your back. Now they march on the capital with you. Once in Kaifeng, you will assume power from the newly installed boy-emperor. He is weak and dominated by his mother -- not a fit ruler in these troubled times.

Establish a strong base at Kaifeng, and keep it well guarded at all times. We have too many enemies to risk losing everything. We have two outposts on the borders of enemy territory. Each will provide critical aid in the difficult months ahead. At Pingyao, to the north, General Pan Mei is establishing a mining outpost where stone and steel can be harvested from the earth to fuel your armies. Along the Yangzi, your aid comes from newly appointed Governer Fan Ruoshui, at Chizhou. Our Southern Tang enemies hide behind the river, foolishly thinking it protects them from the north. But Fan Ruoshui has tested that river many times. He is preparing a fleet of more than a thousand dragon boats. If we string them together with bamboo, our armies can cross the mighty river on foot over our floating walkway.

And it is thus, Zhao Kuangyin, that you will strive to reunite China. Conquer our enemies one by one, never letting them unite against us. The Jingnan at Jiangling, the Hunan at Tanzhou, the Shu at Chengdu, the Southern Han at Guangzhou, and the Southern Tang at Yuzhang -- once four of these enemies are defeated, the fifth will fall in line. Only then will China finally see the awakening of a glorious spring.

Goals Edit

  • Rule 4 cities
  • 36 Months of Heroes

Summary Edit

In the first mission of the Song Dynasty, you have been tasked in reuniting China to restore its former glory.

Be in no doubt: this mission is hard in the early years. You already have two cities trading with you: Pingyao will be your main trading city as they will sell you the required Steel you need to build your military, which you will need after a few years as rival cities will begin to invade. They also purchase Silk, which you can grow locally in the map. Chizhou will also trade with you, but they are only required for Wood if you plan on having Compounds for your Elite Housing.

Every other city on the map, apart from Pingyao and Chizhou will go Hostile by the end of the first year and will send many Spies to disrupt your city. However, it is possible that only a small number of the enemy cities will go Hostile, but you'll still need to keep an eye out for Spies, as they will most likely target your military industry.

After a few years, you will likely be invaded by one of the enemy cities. The city chosen is random and can be any of the other five cities in the Southern part of China. These invasions will be small and can easily be defeated with only a token force of troops.

Once the invasions have passed, your efforts will likely be directed towards growing the city substantially and building up your military forces. Don't bother trying to conquer cities with just two forts: you need more than that to have any chance of reuniting China. You will need some Elite Houses in this city anyway, so make sure to place at least six Elite Housing plots to meet that goal early. It will also allow space for building all the other forts you need.

When conquering cities, don't forget to send a Spy to sabotage the enemy cities military power. Depending on what troops you are sending, you should also ensure you include a military hero within the troop party: Sun Tzu is the best placed to do this, as he reduces travel time for forces sent on conquest missions and improves the morale of Infantry troops.

Once your city is stable, it's a simple matter of conquering the cities. Be aware that some cities on this map will disappear when you return, so try to avoid relying on specific cities for certain commodities as you will need to rearrange trading if you rely on specific cities for a commodity.

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