Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile
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Technical Information
Release Date
November 2004
Game Information
Ancient Egypt

Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile, commonly referred to as Children of the Nile, is a city-building video game developed by wikipedia:Tilted Mill Entertainment and published by Myelin Media in North America and SEGA for Europe. An enhanced edition was released on 8th July 2008, boasting several improvements. An expansion pack under the name Children of the Nile: Alexandria was released on 10th September 2008

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Gameplay Edit

Unlike most classical city builders, such as Pharaoh, Children of the Nile has no real currency. Instead, the currency used is bread and your citizens will make use of any bread to conduct transactions.

Children of the Nile also improved upon the campaign of most traditional city builders. Instead of playing a linear storyline of missions grouped by their historical period in time, the player is given a choice of three missions, covering five fixed periods of time in Egyptian history: therefore, in a single playthough, the player will play five missions only, one mission from each of the periods of time. Each mission has a difficulty rating: Easy, Normal and Hard, which effectively removes a global game difficulty level. The missions include significant goals that usually need to be maintained to complete the mission, or may require large amounts of effort on the part of the player to ensure they can be reached, but the briefing of most missions is minimal, requiring the player to discover how to reach the goals themselves without much assistance.

Prestige is a major gameplay mechanic of Children of the Nile. It is similar to ratings like Favour and Kingdom Rating seen in traditional city builders, but unlike previous games, the prestige of a city is continually dropping to zero, necessitating that the player continues to build their city to raise their prestige. The functionality also ties into several mission goals and is also a requirement to open up certain trade routes to complete the mission.

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