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Iken is a mission found in Pharaoh.

Briefing Edit

Now that Egypt is firmly united under your rule, all of your court, and I, your trusted vizier, recommend that we push the borders of our country south into Nubia. The dry riverbed at Allaqi is rich with veins of gold, and a mighty city at Iken, with you in residence, will certainly keep the Nubians from trying to attack. Be careful of the Kushites, however. They are a much more dangerous adversary than the Nubians and will use their swords to encourage you, O Pharaoh, to leave their kingdom alone.

To leave a lasting mark on Nubia, you should build a large obelisk to attest to Egypt's many achievements. The obelisk will offer compelling evidence to the Nubians of the benefits of Egyptian rule, and be a constant reminder of our presence.

While your direct attention is devoted to Iken, do not forget our intent to establish a thriving port city on the Red Sea at Sawu. Sawu will need help from you, and will not hesitate to ask for it. If Sawu can thrive, they will provide Iken with much-needed copper, from which weapons can be forged.

Goals Edit

Summary Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The voice actor says "Sawu will need help from Pharaoh", which does not match the in-game text referring to the Pharaoh as "you". This is likely caused by the voice actor lines being written and recorded at an earlier time before the briefing texts were written.

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