Hunting Lodge
Building Information
Sends hunters to kill prey
Placement Cost
5 20 25 30 37
VE Easy Normal Hard VH
Technical Information
Risk of Fire
Risk of Damage

Hunting Lodge is a building in Pharaoh.

General InformationEdit

Hunting lodges produce game meat from wild herds. Each fully-staffed hunting lodge sends out three hunters, who seek herds for food. Each successful trip from a hunter yields 100 units of game meat by default, which is delivered to the hunting lodge. In turn, the food is delivered from the hunting lodge to a granary by a cart pusher, where it is purchased by Bazaar buyers and then distributed by their sellers to housing. Each hunting lodge can store up to 500 units of food. If its cart pushers have nowhere to take the food, then it stops sending out hunters until it can deposit its food elsewhere. 

Most herds can support around 2000 people or so when utilized fully, although this is enhanced by a Temple Complex to Osiris and the Altar of Min. In turn, herds can support more people if they can be made to do with less with Bast's Temple Complex.

Game meat sells for only 34 debens per 100 units. While this is more expensive than nearly every other food type (ranch meat is 35 debens/100 units), game meat is still a poor export option and is better used feeding the population. As one of the more expensive food types, it is a poorer option to import at 44 debens/100 units. Game meat is an extremely low priority for consumption, but citizens still eat it if there are no other options. For more information, see Food and Goods.

Hunting lodges are undesirable to live close to.

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