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Hetepsenusret is a mission found in Pharaoh. It is the peaceful last mission of the New Kingdom and the final mission of the Pharaoh campaign.

Briefing Edit

Benevolent Pharaoh, you have brought peace and prosperity to our nation. Under your wise and capable rule, Egypt is a strong and glorious country once again. All Nomarchs are loyal to you, and no threats to our great nation remain.

Having accomplished all your family set out to do so many years ago, it is time to memorialize the achievements of your great dynasty. The only way to accomplish this is to build the grandest pyramid Egypt has ever known, a pyramid even larger than Khufu's, at Rostja. Others in your noble family have sacrificed much on the long road leading to your rule of Egypt. They too must be remembered and honored, with a sandstone mausoleum to acknowledge their unwavering support.

The ideal location for these monuments is Hetepsensusret in the rich Fayuum region. From here, you can attend to all the affairs of state, and respond to any requests for supplies that your cities may ask of you, as you build your great pyramid.

Goals Edit

Summary Edit

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