The Han Dynasty is the fifth historical campaign of Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom.

Briefing Edit

How the mighty have fallen! When one rules with an unjust iron hand, it quickly rusts and withers away. Thus is ended the oppressive rule of the short-lived Qin Dynasty. Though they gathered up and bound the many quarrelsome states of our land into a unified whole, their methods were too harsh. Their Mandate from Heaven has been lost! The people have thrown off the heavy shackles of Qin and now embrace the humble Liu Bang, recently crowned Gaodi, Son of Heaven and King of Han.

Background Edit

This campaign is quite lengthy and the missions are quite involved. The main outcome of this dynasty is that the Silk Road opens for trade, providing a trade route to Kashgar in nearly every mission of the dynasty.

The first mission involves the reconstruction of the old Zhou Dynasty capital of Hao, which is to be rebranded as Chang-an. After the initial building blocks of the capital are constructed, the player is sent southwards again to Annam to develop a permanent presence in the region, before being recalled to Chang-an to begin trade with the city of Kashgar.

With the Silk Road open for trade, Wu Di demands an incursion into the lands of Koguryo and the player will build a small settlement to establish this presence, dealing with the natives at the same time. After this settlement is constructed, the player is sent to the Taklamakan Desert to establish Loulan, a trading outpost that will assist in protecting the trading caravans along the Silk Road.

After this outpost is constructed, they will be recalled to China to build a new capital at Luoyang, after the destruction of Chang-an from flooding damage. The player will then be sent to Jiayuguan to construct the terminus point of the Earthen Great Wall, while discovering the art of Steel production, before being finally recalled to Luoyang to build a Temple Complex. In the final mission, the art of making Paper is discovered, as is the religion of Buddhism.

Missions Edit

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